About Religion, God, Universe, Higher Self, Creativity

mindfulness kingitus tänulikkus teadlik elu loomine psühhoteraapia kadi nool

Religion can be fun way to experience yourself. I have never believed in God. I always had way too many questions to ask. And I don’t believe bible is only way to connect with life. But for me prayer is like mindfulness meditation. Singing altogether is powerful way to connect with yourself. And God in Bible is like higher-me in psychology or inner trust in daily life. It all helps to live and be at peace. It’s lot of fun here, and kindness. Religion is connected with spiritual world and all connected with science. It’s all one just different forms. Those who believe something bigger than what they see, are all called crazy or smthng else. But more I look around, it has becoming normality, that people can heal with hands, are able to see energies, ect. The more you are able to accept, the more stable you feel in this world. The more you trust and the less you doubt or waste your time and energy on stuff that doesn’t feed your soul – The more you live and life becomes deeply meaningful.